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Authorized Magnum Dealer - Project Case Histories
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Foundation Repair & Underpinning  
Project Title:              5th and Buckeye 
Magnum Installer:      Waldo Excavation 

Project Title:               Dolphin Towers Condominiums 
Magnum Installer:      Concrete Repair & Restoration www.concretecpr.com  

Project Title:               Subdivision Project, Denver, CO 
Magnum Installer:      Park Range Construction ~ www.parkrangeconstruction.com 

Project Title:              Medplus Building - Cincinnati, OH 
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com  

Project Title:              Target Store Building- Cincinnati, OH 
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com 

Project Title:              Custom Residence - Virginia Beach 
Magnum Installer:      Advanced Builders ~ www.AdvancedBuildersInc.com 

Project Title:             Royal Saint Georges - Fords Colony Williamsburg, VA 
Magnum Installer:     Advanced Builders ~ www.AdvancedBuildersInc.com 

Project Title:              Ivy Farms Apartments - Newport News, VA 
Magnum Installer:      Advanced Builders ~ www.AdvancedBuildersInc.com 

Project Title:              Stonepark of Dunwoody Condominium - Atlanta, GA 
Magnum Installer:      Extreme Technology's ~ www.extremetechnologys.com 

Project Title:              Ft. Collins - Loveland Airport Hanger - Loveland, CO 
Magnum Installer:      Advanced Technapier 

Project Title:              Gulf Coast Medical Center Expansion 
Magnum Installer:      Hygema House Movers  -  www.hygemahousemovers.com  

Project Title:               National Corvette Museum 
Magnum Installer:      Hayward Baker - www.haywardbaker.com 

Project Title:               Mountainside Pool 
Magnum Installer:      Advanced Technapiles 

Project Title:              Virginia Law Building 
Magnum Installer:      Advanced Builders - www.advancedbuildersinc.com 

Project Title:              ThinAir Towers 
Magnum Installer:      ThinAir Comminications - www.thinaircommunications.com 

New Construction Piles
Project Title:              Skyline Chili Restaurant - Cincinnati, OH
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com
Project Title:              Pedestrian Boardwalk -  Warsaw, IN
Magnum Installer:      John Camden Construction
Project Title:              New Single Family Home -  Fort Collins, CO
Magnum Installer:      Custom Environments
Project Title:              Deck Anchors -  Duluth, MN
Magnum Installer:      Lipe Brothers Construction ~ www.lipebrothers.com
Project Title:              Six Story Parking Garage - Denver, CO
Magnum Installer:      Denver Grouting div Hayward Baker
Project Title:              Univ. of Louisville - Louisville, KY
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies
Project Title:               Power Plant Sub-Station
Magnum Installer:      Park Range Construction, Inc.
Project Title:               Discovery Museum
Magnum Installer:      Hayward Baker Colorado
Project Title:               Lake Kilby - Suffolk, Virginia
Magnum Installer:      Advanced Builders
Project Title:               Teco - Tampa, Florida
Magnum Installer:      Hayward Baker Florida
Project Title:               Stonegate - Parker, Colorado
Magnum Installer:      Waldo Excavating and Construction
Project Title:               Amtrak - Montana
Magnum Installer:      Pile Contractors
Tension Anchors
Project Title:              North Park Amphitheater - Dayton, OH
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com
Project Title:              NASA Space Center - Cape Canaveral, FL 
Magnum Installer:      Brownie Geotech
DOT Work (Highway & Bridge Repair)
Project Title:              L&N Pedestrian Bridge - Cincinnati, OH
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com
Project Title:              Culvert Repair - Cincinnati, OH 
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com
Project Title:              Bluegrass Station Wall Repair - Lexington, KY
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com
Slab Lifting & Void Fill
Project Title:              Dialysis Clinic - Alabama 
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com 

Project Title:              Alaska Warehouse Slab - Alaska 
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com 

Project Title:              Ohio State University MRI Research Facility - Columbus, OH
Magnum Installer:      Dwyer Companies ~ www.dwyercompanies.com
Concrete-Less Foundations (Helical)
Project Title:              Mountain Cabin Addition - Masonville, CO
Magnum Installer:      Highcraft Builders ~ www.highcraft.net 
Earth Anchors & Slope Stabilization
Project Title:              Residential Lot Slope Stabilization - Elkview, WV
Magnum Installer:      Marco Concrete Lifting ~ www.marcoconcrete.com
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