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Compare Round vs Square Shaft Helical Piers

Magnum Piering, Inc. manufactures both round-shaft and square-shaft helical pier systems.  Each has distinct applications in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.  The paragraphs below describe each type of helical pier and its advantages and disadvantages in order that the engineer, architect, and contractor can better select the most appropriate system.

Compare Helical Piers

Round-Shaft Helical Piers

Popular Examples:  MH313BR, MH325BR, MH425, MH530

MAGNUM round-shaft helical piers have a high-strength structural steel tube shaft with hollow circular cross section.  Round-shafts have higher section modulus and bending capacity.  Shaft couplings are manufactured using mechanical external sleeve with one or more bolts.  This coupling is very rigid and has a bending strength equal to or higher than the parent shaft material.  Round-shaft helical piers have applications in new construction and underpinning of existing foundations where rigidity, stability, buckling, and lateral capacity are concerns.  The advantages of round-shaft helical piers are summarized as follows:

*Increased Buckling Strength

*Higher Lateral Capacity

*Depth and Plumbness Inspection

*Optional Post Grouting

Square-Shaft Helical Piers

Popular Examples:  MS150B, MS175B

MAGNUM square-shaft helical piers have a high-strength solid steel shaft with round-corner square cross section.  Square-shafts have a higher capacity:torque ratio and can be easier to couple onto and install.  Shaft couplings are manufactured using forged sleeves with looser fit than their round-shaft counterparts.  They are not efficient in buckling and have almost no lateral capacity.  As a consequence, they should only be used for new foundations and underpinning in firm soils with fully braced conditions where the structures they support are both rotationally and laterally stable.  Square-shaft helical piers make an excellent tie-back, soil nail, or anchor and have a long history of use in utility guy wire and excavation shoring markets.  The advantages of square-shaft helical piers are summarized as follows.

*Higher Capacity:Torque Ratio

*Ease of Use

*Long History of Anchoring

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