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Magnum Piering Master Installer Of The Year!

The Master Installer of the Year Award is an annual recognition of one of Magnum's Installation Partners that has shown significant professionalism, accomplishment, emphasis on growth, and continued patronage and cooperation with Magnum Piering, Inc. The selection of the Master Installer of the Year is subjective. Attributes considered by Magnum staff in selection of Master Installer of Year include:

Quantities of Magnum Products Purchased
Perceived Customer Loyalty
Number of Years in Business
Number of Years Installing Magnum Products
Size, Complexity, and Prestige of Recent Projects
Use of Emerging Magnum Technologies
Use of Magnum Logo in Customer Website/ Marketing
Hosting Magnum Engineering Seminars
Maintain Current Credit Accounts with Magnum
Professionalism and Moral Character
Receipt of Award in Previous Years*
* Preference is given to Magnum Customers who have not received the award in the past years.

Particular Accomplishments of This Year's Award Recipient ( Brownie Geotech Solutions ) are as Follows:

Regular and Consistent Orders Throughout Last 12 Months
Many Notable Projects
Regular Payment of Credit Accounts
Involving Magnum Geo-Solutions on Design-Build Projects
Outstanding Professionalism on Job Sites and In General
Exceptional Moral Character

Previous Award Winners:
Marco Concrete Lifting - 2000
Extreme Technologies - 2001
Terratec, Inc. ( S.C.) - 2002
Terratec, Inc. ( S.C.) - 2003
Terratec, Inc. ( S.C.) - 2004
Terratec, Inc. ( S.C.) - 2005
Extreme Technologies - 2006
Gibbons Basement Systems - 2007
Denver Grouting, Div of Hayward Baker - 2008
Lipe Brothers - 2009
Brownie Geotech Solutions - 2010
Waldo Excavation - 2011
Brownie Geotech Solutions - 2012

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