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"A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it."



We know our customers stand behind their work, and anyone who has worked with Magnum knows that we stand behind our products.  With this new 30-year warrantee program, Magnum Piering, Inc. reasserts its commitment to its customers and to quality.

Magnum Piering, Inc. warrants that, in the event a manufacturing defect is determined within 30 years of the date of sale, it will provide replacement parts at no charge.  Some of our competitors offer similar warrantees, yet many are not an accredited quality manufacturer and few have been in business for as long.  A warranty from Magnum Piering, Inc., with its 30-year history in business, exceptional engineering support, commitment to industry, and ISO 9001 accreditation should give you a better assurance of quality.

Note:  Helical piles, steel platforms, and other foundation products for support of oil and gas equipment are not covered under the 30-year assured quality program.  Click here for warranty for oil and gas industry.

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