MAGNUM Website Launch

After nearly a year of hard work, Magnum is pleased to announce launch of its new interactive website.  The new website contains over 300 technical documents on such subjects and helical pile sizing, engineering, CAD drawings, and specifications.  The website also contains over 4,000 product pages showing the variety and depth of Magnum’s manufacturing capability.  The goal of the new site is to make it easy for Foundation Contractors, Geotechnical Engineers, and Architects to find the information and products they need quickly and efficiently.  According to Magnum’s vice president of sales, “This new site was long overdue.  Magnum is the leader in manufacturing high capacity helical piles in the USA for commercial and industrial sectors.  We have been so busy with the growth in our industry that our old site had been neglected and did not show the breadth of Magnum’s capabilities and outstanding quality manufacturing systems.  Our customers would say, ‘Magnum has the most literature and products, yet we can’t find anything on your old website.’  We hope our customers find this new site considerably easier to navigate.”


Magnum Piering is a USA manufacturer of foundation products including helical piles, helical anchors, jacked piles, plate anchors, foundation brackets, moment frames, micropile accessories, and more.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Magnum manufactures and distributes foundation products to over 300 customers in North America.