helical-install-demonstrationMAGNUM® MASTER INSTALLER PROGRAM

As part of an ongoing commitment to its customers and to overall quality, Magnum Piering, Inc. offers an advanced training/certification course entitled the “Master Installer Training Program”. The course is held annually in late summer at the company’s corporate headquarters in West Chester, Ohio. The two-day event consists of both classroom and field work in product applications, geotechnical report interpretation, a review of basic structural engineering concepts, field management and production, quality assurance, and equipment maintenance. The course is intended for project managers, estimators, equipment managers, and field crew managers from specialty foundation contractors throughout the world. Novice through advanced installers are welcome. Content will vary between successive years so installers are encouraged to send at least one representative per annum to receive updated training. The goal of the event is to provide ongoing skill training on the installation of Magnum helical piles, Magnum push piers, and other Magnum products as well as to reinforce the knowledge-base of installers in geotechnical, foundation, and structural engineering.

Contact Magnum Piering at 800-822-7437 if you would like to be placed on the mailing list for next year’s seminar, or keep watch on this website for posting for next year’s Master Installer Training Program.

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