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Featured Projects:

Helical Pile Foundation For Alexan Broadway Parking Structure
Magnum Dealer: Denver Grouting div Hayward Baker
Location:  Denver, CO
Project Type: Xtreme Duty Helical Piles

Brownie Geotech Lifts House 10 Feet Into the Air!

Magnum Dealer:
Brownie Geotech
Location:  Florida
Project Type: Helical Piles

Magnum dealer has been lifting and moving houses for 3 generations. Now they are setting the houses on new foundations supported by Magnum Helical Piles.
Recently, Brownie Geotech was contracted to repair and secure the foundation under an existing home. In just three days, Brownie installed 33 Magnum Helicals 40 feet deep into the ground to create a solid foundation to support the house. In addition, 10  more Helicals were installed to support the weight of a new swimming pool.


Job Well Done!

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