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Magnum Piering Announces

Magnum® Xtreme DutyTM Series
High Capacity Helical Piles from 150 – 500 KIPS

Magnum Selects DFI Helical Foundation & Tieback Conference for the Introduction of Its New High Capacity Helical Pile Series

USC Campus, Los Angeles, CA – November 7, 2008, – Magnum Piering, Inc. with headquarters located in Cincinnati, OH, announced today its new Magnum® Xtreme DutyTM series of high capacity helical piles.  This series of round shaft helical piles ranges in diameter from 4.5 inches to 5.72 inches with a range of wall thicknesses from .25 inches to .46 inches.

“We are very excited to be expanding our helical pile product line at a time when the overall interest from engineers in helical piles seems to be increasing more and more every day”, says Magnum Vice President, Bill Bonekemper.  “The addition of the Xtreme Duty Series expands our entire helical product line to ultimate capacity ratings ranging from 32 KIPS to 500 KIPS.  Another important component of the Xtreme Duty Series is the added lateral resistance,” Bonekemper continued.  “While our lateral load testing is ongoing, results and data to date reveal allowable lateral capacities as high as 10 KIPS to 12 KIPS in dense sand and stiff clay soils.  With axial capacities up to 500 KIPS combined with lateral capacities like these, we are anticipating engineers will now consider our Xtreme Duty Series helical piles as viable alternatives to auger cast piles, H piles, drilled shafts, and other higher capacity deep foundation pilings,” Bonekemper added.

One unique aspect to the Magnum Xtreme Duty Series helical piles is the (patent pending) reinforced pinned connection design.  The reinforcement bars welded to the outside diameter of the pile shaft not only offer a unique look, but they also provide a significant increase in the torsional capacity of the pile’s pinned connection to the torque motor.  This unique feature provides significant flexibility for configuring Magnum helical piles to meet the required load specification at a lower cost per KIP.
Magnum is also including its patented dual-cutting edge blade option for all helix blades in the series.  Available blade sizes include 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 inch diameters with steel thickness ranging from .375 to .75 inches (more information available at www.magnumpiering.com ).  “We are very pleased with the results we have seen to date with the dual-cutting edge blades on these heavier duty piles,” said Bonekemper.  “Our installer in the Denver market was successful penetrating into very hard sedimentary bedrock for the installation of several hundred piles and exceeding the load requirements when executing compression load tests.”

The Magnum Xtreme Duty Helical Pile Series includes two different section to section connection options including 1) a field welded connection, and 2) a bolted connection.  “Piling contractors who install H piles, driven pipe piles and sheet piling have always welded piling sections together, so our welded connection option will be a familiar and cost effective solution for them,” Bonekemper added.  “We are also offering a bolted connection option for contractors who would prefer this more traditional helical pile connection method.  The 4.5 in. products utilize 2 bolts, and the 5.72 in. products use 3 bolts.”

The Magnum Xtreme Duty Helical Pile Series leads and extensions can be ordered in custom lengths up to 20 feet to suit project needs, and the standard length is 10 feet.  Hot dip galvanizing is an available option for the bolted connection products in the series.  “With hot dip galvanizing costs continuing to rise, we feel that engineers will consider increasing the wall thickness of the helical piles as a means to meet the corrosion resistivity requirements for the piles.  Increasing the wall thickness can often times result in a lower cost per pile than the hot dipped galvanized solution,” Bonekemper continued.

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