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Engineers' Interests Growing in Magnum® Xtreme Duty™ Helical Piles

More and more engineers around the country are inquiring about the axial and lateral load capacities of Magnum's 4.5" & 6" helical piles.  With a range of 75 – 250 TONS, these helical piles offer another significant deep foundation option for engineers to consider for their projects.

Since the introduction of the Magnum Xtreme Duty high capacity helical piles late last year, engineers from many parts of the U.S. have shown a high degree of interest in incorporating them into their foundation design plans on certain projects.

The 4.5" and 5.72" O.D. products (link to product catalog) come in different wall thicknesses and blade configurations to provide axial capacities ranging from 50 to 250 Tons.  Equally as important to these high axial capacities is the increase in lateral capacity over more slender shaft helical products like square bar and small diameter round shaft products. 

Depending upon soil conditions, these larger diameter helical piles can achieve upwards of 7-10 KIPS of lateral capacity.  These combined axial and lateral capacities puts these helical pile products on an equal plane with other deep foundation solutions such as auger cast-in-place, timber piles, driven piles and others.


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