Get more capacity with grout

Grout Piles can increase capacity.  The “MAGNATUDE” Grout Pile is a innovated foundation system that combines the technology of helical piles and grouted piles to achieve higher capacities. MAGNATUDE’s grout props and grouting techniques this pile ensures quality control to allow consistent grout columns no matter how deep the pile is installed.

Like conventional piles, grout pile have advantages such as limited access installs and smaller crew Sizes.  The Production Rates and quality control at MAGNUM are very high. Thus, this will ensure you will receive your material on time and on budget.

Recent dynamic tests on propulsion-grouted and post-grouted piles has shown 100% or greater increase in capacity compared to non-grouted pile. Tests have been conducted in deep soft soils, glacial till and on bedrock.

Contact us to learn more about this innovation and see if your job is right for MAGNATUDE.

Manufactorured Piles

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