MAGNUM® MHS6513 Solar Pile

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Ground Mount Solar Panel Foundation
6.6″ Diam Thin Wall Helical Pile with Integral Rack Mounting Plate

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Magnum MHS6513 Solar Piles are ideal for support of ground mount photovoltaic systems. The helical bearing element offers much greater pullout and bearing capacity compared to small diameter driven piles. Unique patented Magnum dual-cutting edge helix and extended pilot tip offer increased placement accuracy and makes it easier to achieve plumbness. Moment balanced dual cutting edge also reduces wobble and improves lateral performance compared to other types of helical piles. Mounting plate is pre-welded to the pile at the factory for improved economy and installation speed. Mounting plate is available with various slotted hole patterns for easy attachment to most solar panel racking systems.

Solar Piles offer all the advantages of a helical foundation in that they do not produce drill spoil or cause vibrations during installation. They do not require concrete and the panel racking system can be mounted to the foundation immediately after installation.

*Lateral capacity is approximate and based on stiff clay (SPT N>10) or better soils with deep embedment (flexible pile design). Theoretical deflection is limited to 3″ or less at the pile head. Lateral load is applied at distance shown above ground surface (a.g.s.). Contact Magnum?s technical support and engineering team for site specific solar pile designs.

Most Magnum helical pile products are manufactured using minimum 65 ksi minimum yield strength structural tubing, or better, for the shaft and
ASTM A36 plate steel, or better, for the helical bearing plates. As Magnum is committed to testing and improving products, these specifications are subject to change. Additional product specifications available at and in the Magnum Helical Pile Engineering Reference Manual available upon request. Structural capacity is for piles in firm soil with fully braced pile cap. Structural capacity takes into account corrosion over IBC design life in moderate to high corrosive soils based on ICC-ES AC358. Consult a Magnum corrosion engineer for severe corrosive soils.
NOTE: Many items made to order. Bulk discounts available. Contact Magnum representative regarding price and availability.

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Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 168 × 14 × 14 in
Shaft Diameter (in)


Wall Gauge (in)


Length (ft)


Max. Install Torque (ft-lbs)


Cap to Torque Ratio (ft-1)


Lateral Capacity* (lbs)


*Ht Above Ground Surface (in)


Helix Size (in)




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