Magnum Piering, Inc. manufactures its helical pile and steel push pier products from new, high quality steel. Mill certificates are available for new mill run shaft and plate materials and material test reports are available for new mill secondary materials.

Better Steel – Better Piles
All Magnum 3.00˝ diameter helical pile and push pier products and many of our other products are manufactured from ASTM A513 steel tubing. This premium steel tubing has higher carbon and alloy content, which means greater strength. ASTM A513 is the common designation for mechanical tubing, which is used in applications that require closer tolerances and when strength to weight ratios are important. This type of tubing is used in applications where dimensions and quality are critical for products like hydraulic cylinders and shock absorbers. Statistical process control is used to reduce variations in tube dimensions and the welding process.

At Magnum – Better Steel Equals Better Piles.

Patented Dual Cutting Edge Helix
Magnum’s patented dual-cutting-edge (DCE) helix out performs standard circular helical bearing plates in difficult soil and bedrock conditions. The DCE helix offers a truer installation, tracks better, cuts through difficult soils such as gravel, construction debris, or trash, and will penetrate medium hard bedrock formations with an SPT blow count up to 100 to 150 blows per foot, or 50/6 to 50/4. The DCE helix gives you a better chance of getting through tough soil and bedrock situations without the need for pre-drilling.

High Strength Round Shafts

Magnum offers round high-strength, structural steel tube shafts with rigid couplings because round shafts generally have greater torsional capacity, greater buckling capacity, and greater lateral capacity than solid or hollow square shafts. This means that helical piles and push piers can be used in new construction for structures with lateral wind and seismic loads. It also means that you can compute buckling conventionally and you can use Magnum helical piles and push piers in soft soils without the need for grout around the shaft.




DCE Helix












Customer Feedback

Ms. Dianne Rundell,
Owner – Park Range Construction, Denver, CO
“The Magnum Dual Cutting edge makes all the difference in the world when drilling in challenging situations. It aids in drilling through cobbles, dense sands and hard clays. In addition it allows us to penetrate into claystone / bedrock and achieve the required torque as well as minimum depth requirements. It is invaluable for our Colorado soils conditions.”

Ms. Bernadene Boggs,
President – Camden Foundation Technologies, Pierceton, IN
“DCE blades are a positive feature of Magnum Helical Piles. We find that the best use for them in our area is for penetrating through the dense surface soils we encounter above the peat and marl. With the DCE blades, installations go faster and pile deflection and malfunctions are minimized.

Mr. Jay Boyles,
Owner – Hygema House Movers
& Foundation Repair, Jacksonville, FL
“We use Magnum’s DCE blades whenever underground debris is suspected and/or anticipated; they are second to none for cutting through construction rubble, roots, the remains of stumps, etc. They are able to penetrate hardpan layers effectively and efficiently.”