A down payment is typically required with all orders; invoice balances are due upon receipt of material shipments and are past due thirty (30) days from invoice date. A finance charge of two percent (2%) per month is assessed on all past due accounts. Delinquent accounts are subject to liens and may be sent to collections. Customers are responsible for all fees associated with collection of past due accounts. The availability of products may change with time; Magnum reserves the right to substitute different products of equal or better capacity. Quotes are typically valid for 30 days from the issue date. The law of the State of Ohio shall govern all customer and purchase agreements, their interpretation and performance.

Product sizes, if provided by Magnum Piering, Inc. or its agents and affiliates, are conceptual for bid purposed only. Customer should verify quantity, required design loads, product sizing and other project details themselves. Magnum Piering, Inc. warrants that its materials are free of defects only. Product performance is a function of installation, which Magnum cannot control, and ground conditions, which can vary with location and depth; as such, no warrantee is made, express or implied, regarding product capacity in ground. Magnum recommends bidders include provisions for additional pile length and/or obstructions in their bid documents. Magnum’s complimentary technical support is limited to standard stock drawings of Magnum products, example calculations, and assistance with preliminary pile sizing. Engineering fees will apply for stamped drawings, project specific calculations, and final designs. All engineering services are provided by Magnum Geo-Solutions, LLC.

Customers are advised to perform test installations whenever possible to verify pile depths, pressure, and torque at various locations around project sites prior to ordering material. When test piles are not possible due to schedule, cost, site access, or other reasons, customers are advised to maintain an inventory of helical pile extensions in case pile lengths are greater than anticipated from project boring logs. In order to provide the best price advantage, Magnum custom manufactures piles to specific project requirements when ordered. This allows us the ability to offer a wide variety of lengths, sizes, and configurations. Customers are encouraged to check with Magnum’s support representatives regarding specific product lead times and plan accordingly.