Winter Foundation Problems – Part 1

Whether you like it or not, winter is coming!  The harsh Midwest winters will be in full force before you know it.  Preparing for winter means hauling out the boots and gloves, maybe getting snow tires for your car or making sure the snowblower works. But do you think about how your home foundation will be affected by the cold?  Rain, frost, snow, freezing temperatures; all of these elements have an impact on the strength of your foundation and can affect other things in your home that you may not even consider.


When the top level of the soil freezes and thaws, this can result in uneven pressure which creates shifts and cracks under the house’s foundation.  There are ways to prevent these situations from happening, such as redirecting water away from the home, or insulating the foundation.  However, these are just ways to prevent foundation damages, true peace of mind comes from having a licenses foundation repair team assess the foundation.

Pipe Freezing

A frozen pipe bursting is maybe the worst nightmare of a homeowner, doing water damage to not only the inside of the home, but possibly to the foundation as well.  Common problem areas are pipes that are outside or faucets that are not completely shut off during winter.  Ways to prevent pipes from freezing are to shut off all exposed pipes while not in use, seal any leaks and insulating pipes.

While there are major risks to both frost and freezing pipes, there are ways to ensure that those risks don’t do serious damage to your foundation. Have us at Magnum Piering inspect your foundation for potential risks. To protect against freeze-thaw cycles, we have products like our Magnum Helix Foundation Piers, which are specifically suited to prevent foundation damage in soil that is not meant to support structures. However harsh this winter turns out, you can have peace of mind that your foundation is strong and secure.

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